Garden Boxes

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Garden boxes are an attractive way to display your favorite flowers or grow your vegetables. Whether you want to keep the rabbits away from your plants or need to save your back from the endless stooping needed to maintain your garden, our garden boxes sidestep these hassles!

Each box from Blooms by Bloy can be customized to meet your needs. Whether you want a specific stain color, size or watering system, we can help create the garden of your choosing.

Customized for your garden, patio or balcony.

Why Garden Boxes

These raised garden boxes make gardening easier! Not only does the extra height make it easier to plant, water, and weed but also to harvest. Each garden box creates a controlled environment for your plants and vegetables. The raised edges keep bad dirt out and good dirt in, the sides allow for proper drainage, and the sun helps warm the bed, extending the growing season.


Blooms by Bloy Garden Boxes are constructed of heavy and sturdy wide board pine boxes (designed for gardens, yards and parks) and are a fantastic way to plant fruits, vegetables or flowers for years to come. Available in our ReadyMade size or customize to suit your specification:

Approximate “Standard” ReadyMade Dimensions:

37.5″ Length
19.5″ to 21″ Width
17″ Height

There are 3 Options for PreDesigned ReadyMade:

  • Heavy, Sturdy Wide Board Pine Boxes (for gardens, yards and parks)
  • Light Weight Narrow Board Pine Boxes (for patios and balconies)
  • Light Weight Wide Board Cedar Boxes (for patios and balconies)

All can be purchased FINISHED (stain or paint) or UNFINISHED

Sample of Customized Garden Box

Customized for JUST DIRT or to be used with self-watering MaxiKap Watering System.

Prices start at just $45

If you would like to learn more about these Garden Boxes, or would like to purchase one or more, please contact us.

Happy Gardening!!!