My Inspiration

Where does your inspiration come from? Some think it comes from dreams, visions or some sort of spirit message. What most can agree on, is that inspiration comes from somewhere outside themselves.

For me, I find inspiration has come through my experiences, from early childhood right into adulthood.

Throughout my life, I have been given so many opportunities to enhance and develop the core and passions of who I am.  Even as a child, being given the opportunity to play and to explore; to look and to really see, hear and touch everything around me, inspired me to develop as a person.

This foundation of learning continued into adulthood, particularly the opportunities afforded to me to immerse myself in nature around the world.  All of nature inspires me, but my favorites by far, are the coral gardens of the oceans and seas.

My long-time partner, Graeme also loved nature. As a hobby photographer, he loved to capture a moment in time, including the photograph above of the coral garden. Have a look, can you see how similar the coral garden in the water is to flowers and greenery on land. Every time I look at this photo, I get inspired. Inspired to create floral art!

As my passion for designing Floral Art continues to grow, many of the arrangements I have created show the influence of these coral gardens. Can you see the similarities in some of my designs?

Have a look through the Blooms By Bloy Galleries. I am sure you can pick out several other pieces influenced by coral gardens around the world.

Every day life provides us inspiration as well. Keep checking back to see if you can recognize seasonal influences, land influences (like a volcano) or something else. If you need an arrangement and want it to represent something that inspires you, give me a call.