How We Reduce Wedding Stress

Let’s be honest, weddings can be pretty stressful! Not just for the bride and groom, but also for the immediate family (often the mother or mother-in-law in particular), for the bridal party and believe it or not, for the vendors as well!

From the moment a bride says “Yes”, she starts to plan her journey down the aisle. She starts to scan the multitude of wedding blogs looking for inspiration. She creates a “perfect” vision for her wedding. Sometimes this vision is simple; other times it’s extravagant. Whatever the thought, there are multiple considerations and decisions to be made.

Elegantly simple bridal bouquet

Making decisions is where the stress comes in. Unless the bride has a very strong personality and is able to assert her view effectively, many voices jump in to “help” with the decision making. Vendors are often put in the middle, trying to help the bride as much as possible while balancing the voices of the various influencers.

It is for this reason we thought twice about offering floral services for weddings. We worried over non-existent disasters, we worried about ruined relationships if something went wrong. We worried we just wouldn’t know how to manage the stress of the multiple voices giving us instructions. What we kept forgetting was our role in the process. It was within our power to keep tensions down by working collaboratively with all decisions makers in the party. We needed to remind ourselves that ultimately, honest communication was the key. Having a plan and following through, was all we needed to do.

We created an approach to keep the process on a positive note. As a first step, we meet with the bride to ensure a mutual fit. We talk openly about her thoughts and dreams for her special day, connecting with her on a personal level. We then provide feedback to assist in her decision making and then commit to a plan. We agree on a point person for future communication, whether it’s the bride herself, someone else in the wedding party, or a wedding planner. Then we execute the plan.

Wedding flowers, centrepieces, arrangements and wedding bouquets, all help express the bride’s style. They breathe life into a room and bring joy to the occasion. Why wouldn’t we want to be a part of that?

So, yes, weddings can be stressful, but by remaining professional and following through on our commitments, we have the opportunity to create the day of her dreams!

You can visit our Wedding Gallery here. Please remember choosing flowers for your special day is based on your personal style and preference. Let’s work together and figure it out.