Events with Blooms by Bloy

Events come in all shapes and sizes; some are large galas and others are smaller, intimate affairs. No matter the size of the gathering, flowers help to complete the look. Like the event itself, flowers can be sized to fit the occasion.

Today, we are featuring small events.

Blooms by Bloy recently designed centrepieces and arrangements for the 2018 Unison Festival held at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Occurring every four years, this event marked the anniversary of the first choir festival, originally held in Edmonton, Alberta 20 years ago. While this was a significant milestone for the charity, they didn’t want to go over the top with their arrangements. Their request was for a low lying, small arrangement for each table as well as a simple entry floral piece near their welcome poster.

The theme for the event was “Be Creative!”. This was right up our alley! We chose to match the logo; using a white hat and flowers at the entrance; and copying the colors in the banquet centrepieces.

The table centrepieces needed to creatively compliment the bold colors draping each table. Not an easy feat when you are working with the limitations of seasonal flowers, but we did it!

We also had the opportunity to work on an event held at SAIT. The request was for an inexpensive, simple vase with a single flower. As you can see, simple doesn’t have to be plain.

We complimented single daisies with colorful bud vases; which had a great impact against the dark palette of the tables.

As you can see, even just a small splash of color completes the look.

Check back for future event flower examples from Blooms by Bloy.