Mobile Floral Design and Concierge Service

Welcome to Blooms by Bloy! We create one-of-a-kind floral arrangements for any occasion.

We offer a floral concierge service that delivers floral art arrangements and exotic cut flowers to your home, business, event or garden.

Whether you’re looking for brilliant colourful arrangements or elegant floral masterpieces, we deliver.

Everyday Flower Collection

When ordering; please be aware these photos are for inspiration (each floral arrangement is custom made by the Floral Artist ). You may specify your style or flower arrangement preference by naming the arrangement.  Flowers are based on availability.

To see some of our latest creations, please visit our Facebook page.

Lucky in Love

Spring has Sprung

Spring Dreams

New Day New Life



Water Is Life

Mom’s Joy


Party Hardy

Love & Destiny


Custom Arrangements

Custom flower arrangements are pieces of art that happen to be alive. Flowers introduce a sense of life, movement, colour and fragrance to a room like nothing else.

Flower arrangements reflect your sense of style, flower and colour preferences.  They are made to finish off any design or fill any space that needs a special visual element to draw people in or create a mood.

Since flower arrangements are generally replaced every 2 weeks, they introduce a dynamic decor element into your interior design; or they create a unique and special gift to wow and leave a lasting impression.  For more info…

Events & Weddings

Transform your next event from ordinary to extraordinary! Our exquisite floral arrangements are perfect for anything from an intimate gathering to a large corporate affair or celebration. Depending on the event, we’ll create an atmosphere of elegance or fun with inspired floral designs. The possibilities are endless, as we work together to create an event you’ll remember.

If you’re planning a wedding, visit our Wedding page for more details.

Floral Concierge

Transform your space with a floral art display that reflects your style and colours. Whether it’s for your reception area, boardroom, special event or home decor, artistic floral arrangements either establish or reinforce your interior design and bring life into otherwise sterile environments.

Contact Us to discuss your goals, schedule and delivery requirements.

Onsite Design

Need help incorporating living art elements into your interior and exterior designs? Our onsite floral design services help reflect your personal preferences or company environment, whether that means creating a piece of simplicity and elegance or a visually impactful arrangement bursting with colour. We’ll help you see the possibilities and create the perfect interior and exterior arrangements to match your style and environment.

We are pleased to present our wooden Garden Boxes for sale. Each box can be custom made to meet your individual specifications or choose from one of our ReadyMade options. For more information about our Garden Boxes, click here.

For more information about our onsite floral design services, please Contact Us.

Raymonde Marie Bloy

Raymonde is a floral artist and the founder of Blooms by Bloy. After over 40 years of home gardening and travelling many parts of the world with her now deceased husband (Feb. 1st, 2016) and business partner Graeme Bloy; a new passion for creating beautiful art emerged. Raymonde’s inspiration for her art comes from man-made sculptured landscapes and the natural beauty of Mother Nature, especially the coral reefs of our oceans. Through her creativity and imagination, Raymonde brings custom floral artistry to your business, home and garden.

Blooms by Bloy

Blooms by Bloy features the floral artistry of Raymonde Marie Bloy. We are a Mobile Floral Design and Concierge Service, catering to businesses, interior designers, event planners, and homeowners looking for unique décor pieces. We create custom floral art for individuals, events and special occasions as well as for exterior displays and gardens by appointment only. Our Carstairs Floral Design Shop is now closed but we are happy to continue processing orders online or by appointment. We deliver to Carstairs, Calgary, Crossfield, Cremona, Didsbury, Airdrie and most surrounding areas.

Floral Art Collections

View some of our other one-of-a-kind floral art arrangements.

B by B Anniversary





Earth Day


Here Comes Summer

Love & Sympathy

Mother’s Day


Valentines Day



You can order a floral arrangement by completing our form below or by contacting Raymonde at 403.819.1205.
We deliver to Carstairs, Calgary, Crossfield, Cremona, Didsbury, Airdrie and most surrounding areas. If in doubt, call us for clarification.
We source a wide variety of premium farm fresh flowers from around the world, including exotic and tropical flower options.

Yes, we guarantee you’ll enjoy your flower arrangement for at least 7 days (when properly cared for, following the directions on “Blooms by Bloy” Care Card) or we’ll replace it for FREE.

Absolutely! You can contact us for a free telephone consultation. Floral design services are available in your office or home. Consultation fees may apply.

Mobile Service Areas

Carstairs, Calgary, Crossfield, Cremona, Didsbury, Airdrie and surrounding areas.

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Mobile Floral and Gift Service begins June 6, 2023

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