So Many Reasons to Celebrate!

Welcome to our December issue of Thoughts Bloom! We have so much to share with you!!

How does one state in just a few paragraphs, all the changes Blooms by Bloy (affectionately known as B by B) have gone through in these past few months? Like any good book, we will just start at the beginning.

Shortly after our July 3rd post, several important things happened. To start, I almost ran out of gas returning from a family visit. In search of gas, I found myself in the little country town of Millet. Being in this area, experiencing the country drive, was fantastic. It got me thinking about how wonderful it felt being in the country and that maybe, just maybe, my true happiness could be found in a place like this.

As I drove towards Calgary, I discovered Carstairs…a beautiful small country town north of the city! My excitement grew as I drove into this wonderful place. Riding this feeling of euphoria, the next day I contacted a Realtor to view a home in the area and called the Town Office of Carstairs to determine if this place had potential to develop my business.

Then on August 1st, B by B was able to acquire floral equipment from Patricia and Ashleigh of Moose and Marigold who were leaving their Carstairs floral business. Their departure would leave a big hole in the Carstairs floral market since the other florist, Erin of Sparkling Dahlia, moved her business to Ontario a few years previous.

I took this as another sign! B by B was meant to be in Carstairs! B by B would bring floral artistry and fill the general floral shop gap in Carstairs. It was exciting!

For those of you now wondering about B by B Calgary, rest assured, we still have a presence. B by B now has three locations including B by B Head Office in Calgary, and two locations in Carstairs: Carstairs Floral Design Shop located in the Carstairs Artisan Market and Carstairs House of Bloy (office, floral design and workshop).

The economic climate of Calgary made it hard to grow within the city alone. In expanding to Carstairs, we were able to adjust our price point while still offering the unique designs of quality flowers and greens our clients were accustomed to.

Running a floral business is very time consuming and demanding. I needed more help! I was fortunate to find several talented individuals to take some of the load. After sharing some of my design techniques and tricks of the trade, I am pleased to announce my associate floral designer: Kerry Lessard.

B by B is happy to present our Christmas Collection, premiered originally at the Carstairs Christmas Craft Fair:

Christmas Collection 2018

View some of our one-of-a-kind floral art arrangements. Remember, we have a variety of floral arrangements, cut flowers and hand ties available throughout the year.

White Christmas


Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas Star

Christmas Talk

Mom’s Christmas Love

Snow White

Christmas Dreams


Susan Stubbs – Thank you for all you have done in so many capacities, B by B would not exist if you had not worked so hard to assist me.

Karey Ibbotson – Thank you for welcoming me as part of the Carstairs Artisan Market.

Tiana Allison and Amy Pappas – Thank you for being amongst my first hires and sharing your energy and talents, even for a short time.

Kerry Lessard – Thank you for learning so quickly and being a part of my ongoing team.

John Watson – Thank you for believing in me and being my business consultant and photographer.

Carol McFarlane – Thank you for also being my business consultant and editing everything I write…love you because you “get” me.

Kathy Filipowitz – Thank you for helping with so many online things, I can’t begin to write them all here.

John Watson Jr – Thank you for being our summer student photographer in training.

Monica Petryk – Thank you for being my floral design consultant and mentor as I learned the tricks of the trade. You led by example and continue to wow me with your impeccable design.

My Wholesale Business Suppliers (flowers and product) – Thank you to you and your team for the amazing product you receive from all over the world. My designs flourish under your advice and direction, using the flowers from your wholesale business. You always give me confidence to keep moving forward.

Carstairs Community – Thank you for welcoming me with open arms and frequenting my business.

My Friends and Family – Thank you for never giving up on me, even when I wanted to give up on myself. You are my rocks!

Without all these amazing people, Blooms by Bloy would not be what it is today! I am so very grateful to all of you. Your support, as I transitioned from owning an Oil and Gas consulting company to a floral art and design business owner, makes me forever grateful for your kindness.