Happy Anniversary B by B

WOW! Where has the time gone? Blooms by Bloy is celebrating our 1st anniversary!! We have made so many strides this past year, and we want to share them all with you; our supporters, friends and family!

B by B Services

Since July last year, we have added many new services to our business mix. While creating one-of-a-kind arrangements for your loved ones is a treasured part of our business, we have developed a Concierge Service (for business or home), which has become one of our main service offerings and focus.

We have also expanded our event services and created awesome centrepieces and arrangements for customers like SAIT and Unison Festival at Mount Royal University. We even took on our first wedding!

Our customized garden boxes have also been a hit. It’s not too late to put your order in for one of these!

Office and Workshop

Did you know that Blooms by Bloy does not have a store front location? Of course, we do have a head office location in the NW Calgary community of Point MacKay, and an amazing workshop just a few blocks from there, but in order to provide the personalized service we had always envisioned, we come to you! We felt this was the best way to serve you and meet your needs. In fact, we deliver our products to you in one of our three branded vehicles (anywhere in Calgary).

Communication and Connection

This year we have also created a website to showcase our services and product. Here you will find photos of our collections and information about the services we offer. We also post on our Facebook page, and show our collections on Pinterest as well.

We understand your time is valuable, so we have made it as easy as possible to use our services, place an order, or get your questions answered! You can contact us in one of FOUR ways!

You can:

  1. Make an inquiry or place an order online on our website BloomsByBloy.com
  2. Call us at 403-819-1205
  3. Text us at 403-819-1205 OR
  4. Send an email to us at bloy@telus.net

Our goal is to provide all the modern ways of communication to you, and let you decide how you prefer to contact us.

Our New Blog

Our new blog, “Thought Blooms” has just been unveiled! Here you will find our past newsletters as well as helpful floral information and ideas for your business, home, garden and life.

Have a look at our four new posts, especially the one about inspiration.

Giving Back

When my late husband Graeme was alive, our focus was on our business, Atum Consulting and Quarterpoint Resources. These businesses helped provide for a wonderful life, one that was full, happy and busy. With Graeme’s untimely passing however, it was time to re-evaluate what the future held. Enter Blooms by Bloy.

While in Amsterdam this past April, I had the opportunity to visit the artist Rembrandt’s House. It brought back memories of visiting his final masterpiece “The Return of the Prodigal Son” 1668 with my husband Graeme in the fall of 2013, at the Hermitage Art Gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia.

While this may sound like a random thought; standing there visiting his house brought home something for me. His magnificent painting was Rembrandt’s way of reminding us that we are all gifts to each other, that we are all special and have something to give to the world. Looks closely, see how the father’s hands in the painting are actually one male and one female hand and are touching the son lovingly? It is a gentle reminder to give; to others, to ourselves and to the world. At least this is what it meant to me, in that moment.

Blooms by Bloy is how I have decided to give back.

Today July 3, 2018 would have been Graeme’s 65th birthday; a time when most people would be thinking about retirement or at least semi-retirement. But he wasn’t like most people. It’s my belief that Graeme would never have fully retired because he loved people, and he loved to share and provide for others. It is from this energy that I draw, building B by B instead of retiring myself. It is the lessons Graeme provided me through opportunities in the business world, in my hobbies, and in my passions, that have also helped me build B by B. This business wouldn’t be here without him, and for that, I also worked on a website dedicated to Graeme. If you want to see how truly amazing this man was, visit Graeme’s updated website at https://graemebloy.wixsite.com/graemebloy.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Blooms by Bloy, we have created the following collection:

Happy Anniversary B by B 2018 Collection

Custom Flower Arrangements

It’s all about supply and demand in the Floral Business, so we have created Collections to show you what’s possible. The availability of flowers and supplies determines what we can produce.

Arrangements start as low as $20.00 (plus GST and delivery)

To place an order please visit our Blooms by Bloy Website (https://bloomsbybloy5.wpenginepowered.com/), email us at bloy@telus.net or phone/text 403.819.1205.

Please indicate:

Delivery date
How much you wish to spend
Who the arrangement is for
Delivery address and phone number
Your contact – phone number
(plus, address if you are paying by credit card)
Any comments you may have

Note: We will phone you to confirm the order details.

We accept Cash, Cheque (Blooms by Bloy) E-Transfer or Credit Card

May the month of July, bring you joy!

We are always looking for feedback on how to improve. Please consider commenting on Facebook or sending a comment by email.

Please forward this email to those you think might like to receive it. Your kindness is always appreciated.

If you are in need of Flowers,
please remember us.

Raymonde Marie Bloy
Floral Artist

Blooms by Bloy
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