Here Comes Summer!!!
2018 Collection

In Calgary, the month of May typically brings snowfall…but not this year! For the first time in 40 years, whiteness did not cover our city!

Some call it climate change, others just shrug their shoulders. Regardless of your reaction, May and June brings a variety of environmental changes! What feels like overnight, brown turn to green and we see people of all ages, outside, cleaning and planting.

The city slowly transforms – It feels so good!

Sadly though, this year we are experiencing the closure of Sunnyside Garden Centre, a family run business that has served Calgarians for years. As we watch their products deplete week by week, we feel a sense of loss, while at the same time, a sense of gratitude, for the number of people out shopping for their yards.

Change – it’s what we make it, positive or not so pleasant.

Blooms By Bloy embraces this time of year. We want to help transform your outdoor space so you too, can embrace the culture of change. We offer creative landscaping ideas, including our fantastic “Garden Boxes” seen below.

Garden Boxes can be customized for your garden, patio or balcony.

The boxes above are heavy and sturdy wide board pine boxes (designed for gardens, yards and parks) and are a fantastic way to plant fruits, vegetables or flowers for years to come. It is also a beautiful way to commemorate a special person, spot or milestone either in your own yard or some other significant environmental spot. Like a memorial bench, the Garden Box symbolize peace and remembrance for your loved one.

For me, these Garden boxes are a symbol of my late husband Graeme’s life. His memorial website can be found here. They are sturdy, support growth (of plants) and give year after year the bounty which grows within them, similar to how Graeme lived his life.

If you would like to learn more about these Garden Boxes, or would like to purchase one or more for yourself or to donate to a community, organization or church, please contact us, or check out our information sheet, or visit our booth at the Bearspaw Farmers Market on Father’s Day, June 17th.

Blooms By Bloy can help transform your indoor space as well! Our floral artistry will help beautify your home, business or event. Contact us today to order something from our Here Comes Summer!!! June 2018 Collection or to discuss your requirements.

These are a few samples of our Floral Artistry created for our Here Comes Summer!!! June 2018 Collection:

Custom Flower Arrangements

It’s all about supply and demand in the Floral Business, so we have created Collections to show you what’s possible. The availability of flowers and supplies determines what we can produce.

Arrangements start as low as $40.00 (plus GST and delivery)

To place an order please visit our Blooms by Bloy Website (, email us at or phone/text 403.819.1205.

Please indicate:

Delivery date
How much you wish to spend
Who the arrangement is for
Delivery address and phone number
Your contact – phone number
(plus, address if you are paying by credit card)
Any comments you may have

Note: We will phone you to confirm the order details.

We accept Cash, Cheque (Blooms by Bloy) E-Transfer or Credit Card

May the month of May, bring you Laughter!

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