is the month of

Why do we emphasize these “Feelings” in the month of February?

Perhaps it’s because it’s so cold outside and spring is still a few months away. Or maybe it’s because the rush of Christmas is over, January is gone and we can relax and focus on the people we care about. Either way February is a busy month, full of special occasions the most notable being Valentines Day.

Our Valentines Day Collection

Other Occasions In February

Any Day in Feb – I Love You & Care For You Day
Feb 11 World Day of the Sick
Feb. 11 Make a Friend Day
Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day
Feb 14 Ash Wednesday
Feb 16 Chinese New Year
Feb 17 Random Acts of Kindness Day
Feb 19 Family Day
Feb 28 Floral Design Day (I start designing my Easter Collection)

When deciding how to recognize someone, please consider a custom flower arrangement.

February’s Floral Art Collection is great for gifts, special occasions, events and table arrangements.

Custom Flower Arrangements

An excellent way to say I love you on any occasion, they heighten your senses and bring joy, tranquility, peace and calmness.

Arrangements range from $50.00 – $150.00 (plus GST and $10.00 delivery)

To place an order please email at bloy@telus.net or phone/text 403 819 1205

Please indicate:

Delivery date
How much you wish to spend
Who the arrangement is for
Delivery address and phone number
Your contact – phone number
(plus, address if you are paying by credit card)
Any comments you may have

Note: We will phone you to confirm the order details.

We accept Cash, Cheque (Blooms by Bloy) E-Transfer or Credit Card

May the month of February, bring you much LOVE and Acts of Caring & Kindness

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